Top 50 places to visit in Selangor

According to Tour Malaysia blog, these are the top 50 places in Selangor that local and foreign tourists selected :
Bold indicates the place is visited by local and international tourists.

1. Serendah International Orchid
2. Bukit Belimbing Fireflies
3. Kuala Selangor Melawati Hill
4. Kuala Selangor Nature Park
5. Kanching Recreational Forest
6. Templer’s Park
7. Batu Caves
8. Orang Asli Museum
9. Kepong FRIM
10. Sungai Buloh Former Leprosy Rehabitation Center
11. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque
12. Sunway Lagoon
13. National Zoo
14. Nirvana Memorial Park
15. The Mines
16. Putrajaya
17. Paya Indah Wetlands
18. Bagan Lalang Beach
19. Banghuris Homestay
20. Bandar Palace
21. Royal Mausoleum
22. Pulau Ketam
23. Sultan Alam Shah Museum
24. Royal Selangor Yatch Club
25. Morib Beach
26. KLIA
27. Sepang International Circuit

28. Islamiv Arts Park Complex
29. Sungai Congkak Recreational Forest
30. Sekinchan
31. Little India
32. Semenyih Dam
33. Carey Island
34. DongZen Buddist Monastery
35. Baru Arang
36. Port Klang
37. Shah Alam Stadium
38. Taman Bukit Cahaya
39. Kota Darul Ehsan Arch
40. Sungai Gabai Waterfall
41. Pulau Angsa
42. Klang Bak Kut Teh
43. Mamak Stalls
44. Kajang Satay
45. Selangor State Monument
46. Raja Abdullah Museum
47. Shah Alam Gallery
48. IKEA
49. Golf Clubs
50. Shopping Malls

Well, I don’t really agree with all of them but I have set a few targets to visit by end of this year. I have wish to visit other places out of KL and Selangor but due to the compulsory leaves that I have to take, I do not have any more annual leaves.

So, I have to make do with local day trips to places around KL and Selangor but thank God, there’s still so much to cover. So, my target for the remaining of this year is to go to, in no particular order :

KLCC Aquaria
Zoo Negara
Pusat Sains Negara
Paya Indah Wetlands
Broga Hill Climb
Bukit Saga Hill Climb @ Cheras (When I wake up every morning, it seems to say to me “Climb me! Climb Me!”)
Makan Seafood somewhere where it’s cheap and famous (Any recommendations?)
Petronas Science Gallery at KLCC

Plenty to do and plan.. should be enough for this year. Also, anyone want to join my wife and myself – by default, she’ll have to join in wherever I go. What about you guys? What’s the best places in KL and Selangor that you like to go too and hangout? Please do share so can discover more interesting places to visit together.


14 thoughts on “Top 50 places to visit in Selangor

  1. Nice list ! You have Morib beach there. About 20km down, there is another nice town called Tanjong Sepat. They have lover’s bridge, yummy and cheap seafood, famous Chinese Pao, a few fruits farm like longan, dragon fruit, etc for visitors to go for educational visit, taste the fruits and purchase if you like.

    1. Planning for a visit to TS this wekend – my first time ever. Thanks for the tips… will look out for the things 🙂

  2. Kuala Selangor’s a nice place to hv seafood 🙂 there’s a restaurant on water,sorry i dun quite rmb where but goodluck! 😀 the butter prawns there are awesome dude! xD GUDLUCK finding it

  3. There’s a place near KLCC where i went for batik painting workshop. Batik is one of the most important traditional handicrafts in Malaysia. The place is called MyBatik, and i had a really relaxing and good time there with my family, as the environment of the place is serene, in the midst of hectic Kuala Lumpur. I did “canting” and also colouring of batik, and my kids really enjoyed the cultural entertainment too. Those who are interested can go to for further information. An experience not to be missed!

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