Bagan Lalang, Sepang

My legs have been itching to go near to a seaside for some time now, basically because I haven’t been to one in ages. Even when I’m back in Penang, never really took the time to go and pay a visit to the numerous beaches along Batu Feringgi and Teluk Bahang, basically because I was too busy I’m spending my time … eating !

Oh well, recently my photo fingers were also getting itchy again to take some photos and I was planning to get some sunset photos, so on this Wesak day holiday I’ve decide to drop by to Bagan Lalang. At first the decision was between PD, Morib or Bagan Lalang but because too lazy to go so far and been some time since went to Bagan Lalang, decided to go there.

The trip there was quite smooth even though decided to use some old trunk roads instead of using the highway to KLIA. We passed by Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Nilai and turned towards Sepang. After that, it was quite easy to follow the roads signs although after the main road, it still takes about 30min to 45 minutes before you actually reach the beach area. You’ll have to pass by the Sungai Pelek town before reaching the final destination.

At first, I’m quite dissapointed because the hopes of getting sunset shots was dashed when it drizzled and was dark, gloomy and cloudy all the way along the journey. Even when we reached the beach, it was drizzling slightly but it soon stopped. However, just being able to feel the sand again in between my toes, the smell of the sea air, the sounds of the wave and the best part, since it was high tide – there’s plenty of water to play with. The last time I came, the tide was low and there was mud everywhere. This time, it’s just nice and it’s great to be able to walk along the beach with the water touching the toes and the waves coming up and bumping against your feet.

P1020913 P1020917

Looking at the people and families playing nicely on the beach and swimming in the sea, it’s so refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life to just catch a breath of fresh air and feel the nice breeze as well. It’s also brings back so many fond memories where when we were small, I always go with my family to the beaches along Gurney Drive on the weekends and without fail, we will go and dig for siput to bring back home to cook and eat. We’ll be so excited when we managed to find big sized ones and we’ll be busy comparing with one another to see who got the bigger ones…

P1020925 P1020940 P1020941 P1020978

After that, we moved around and take some more photos of the Sepang Goldcoast project, chalets and some water sports facilities around the area.




P1020927 P1030010 P1030011 P1030012

As dinner time was approaching, we decided to look for the seafood restaurant nearby that was recommended by this website :

HMS Seri Bagan – not too hard to find but because we went to the wrong end of the beach, we have to turn back. The thing about this place is quite crowded and you must come early to book your seats. It has a nice view of the sea, and of the right time, you can enjoy your food while watching the sunset.


The business starts at 6pm but when we reach about 545pm, already half the tables are booked. Like what the website says, you can get to choose what you want to eat but for us being newbies and all, we just went for the safe choice and ordered just two crabs, some sotong, vegetables and rice. Based on the recommendations of the website, we chose :

Ketam Masak Rempah (Crab cooked with spices – it’s mildly hot). This one was excellent done, the crab is full of meat, tender and well cooked and the spices really seeped into the meat making it taste very nice. They even supplied you a cracker to crack the shells of the crab.


Sotong Tepung (Flour Squid 🙂 ???)Another excellent recommendation. The sotong is very tender, easy to eat, crunchy with the flour, fresh and it comes with a very nice chilly sauce.

Err.. Vegetables? Nicely cooked, fresh and accompanied with good amounts of prawns and cut squids.

All in all, we find that the price is quite reasonable and on our way back, we were keeping an eye on all other seafood restaurants around that area but it seems that Seri Bagan is the one that has the most customer patronizing it.

Well, even though the initial mission to capture sunset photos was not accomplished. we were blessed with other discoveries and indeed, we’ll be surely coming back again and this time with our bunch of friends who would also like to try out the seafood here.


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